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a real cumslut

Well guys, Casey is back by popular demand. The last time she came to blow me, it was for revenge at her boyfriend, but I think I turned her into a real cumslut! She says her fiance just does not put out enough for her ‘taste but he has money so shes going to marry him anyway. Well, I would be more than willing to act as a surrogate dick anytime, honey! And as a matter of fact, I know of several fans of a certain website that would volunteer too.

good little AOL slut

Casey and I have been chatting for two or three months, and she has been playing extremely hard to get. I finally caught her one day when she was pissed at her boyfriend, and ended up getting her to blow me to get back at him. I got the feeling that she wasnt happy about it, especially when she gagged on my baby batter, but she did swallow it all like a good little AOL slut.

a creamy treat

Carmen was 100% woman, I could tell she was hungry for my rod and was pretty eager to get to business. Nice full lips and a great set of tits, oh my, she was just asking for a facial. A very mature, sexy cutie, and I was really taken back by the way she worked my tool. She spent a good deal of time sucking my hang low, so I just had to reward her with a creamy treat!

Jizz on your face

I dont even think I got what Britney was going to school for because she couldnt hold an intelligent conversation without drifting off into la-la land. I thought she would start drooling at one point, and not in a good cocksucking way. She seemed smart enough to be going to college, but wants to be in the porn business. Again, college is the gateway to a great career? This chick is better off in the porn biz. Just lay back and shut up, and play with those giant titties while I jizz on your face.

a little cum slut

They must be doing something right in Australia, because Britney is such a little cum slut! I fell in lust with her cute little accent and when she told me she just loved having cum in her mouth, my nutsack filled up to twice its size! After she finished draining me, she told me she had a girlfriend I could fuck so she could eat a cream pie from her pussy. My nutsack filled right back up as I handed her my cell phone to make the call.

right down her throat

Bree has a cute innocent face, but do not let that fool you. The pigtails make nice handles as Im slap fucking her petite ass and bouncing her off the headboard. Shes like 110 pounds, so I had to be careful not to put her through the wall and into the neighbors yard! She loves to swallow jizz, so when I got ready to bust a nut, I pumped a huge load of cum right down her throat. This greedy chick did not even let me see it again before she swallowed the whole damn load! Good little Vegas slut!

slipping my cock inside

I didnt want to let this one go guys. Its not every day that you find a girl with a pussy tighter than any virgin. I mean, I havent been able to stop thinking about it since then! She says she does her pussy exercises religiously. Well I had a religious experience after slipping my cock inside her, and I spilled it right down her throat for her to swallow. Yes, it changed my life. At least for the week.

sucked the spunk

For those of you that enjoyed the Marilyn Monroe series, I now present Miss Bettie Page, as promised! And they dont fuck around when it comes to sucking cock! Marilyn the deepthroat queen, Bettie the ambidextrous blowjob bombshell, I think Im beginning to see a pattern here. Maybe they really did suck and swallow their way to the top. Bettie never even let me touch my own cock as she happily sucked the spunk right out of me. Hmm, leaves my perverted little brain wondering whom I should dig up next.

two hot ass strippers

Ok, what a trip!! I just bought my new video camera and hadnt used it for even 5 minutes when my friend called and wanted to hit the local strip club. When we arrived, two hot ass strippers were storming out of the gentlemen club in a huff. I figured this might be a good opportunity to approach them about modeling and they took the bait.

a giant facial

Welcome the first boy/girl couple to the site. Arial stopped by and brought her Boy-Toy Dominick for their first video shoot. They are use to working with their clothes off, being strippers in Las Vegas, and they did pretty well for their first time on camera. Arial had a nice full rack, gave Dominick a nice suck, and was down for some serious action! They fucked in almost every position and Dominick was nice enough to leave her with a giant facial.

sucker for big tits

Angels boyfriend called me up asking if his fiance could do some modeling work. I told him the details and amazingly he agreed to them. Basically Im a sucker for big tits and once I got glance of Angels super big boobs, I just had to squeeze em! Of course that leads to my load being injected into her tummy!

big fluffy breasts

Can I just say how much I love this girls big fluffy breasts? Thanks. Now as you can see from the J + A tattoo on James arm, he loves his wife, Anastatia, very much. She works as a stripper at a club here in Vegas, and to prove her love for her husband, she volunteered to take a face full of his hot sticky jizz on camera. They both admitted it was something they had always wanted to do, so without further discussion it was arranged and documented for all of eternity and for all the world to see.

swallow my jizz!

Amy is a slut who loves to suck cock! Shes slightly over weight, but any blowjob connoisseur knows that heavy girls give the best blowjobs. Why? Because they have to. Watch her take my cock between both titties before devouring it into her mouth. Then watch her swallow my jizz!

uncorrupted young body

This girl was shy. I turned the camera on and asked her to play with herself, and instead of watching that, I watched her turn a very deep shade of embarrassed purple. She also needs mucho attention to her dicksucking skills, but that slit…that beautiful pink slit may be her redemption. Oh yeah and her cute teacup sized A cups with tiny pink nipples. Ah, an unblemished, uncorrupted young body for me to, uh, corrupt! Ah fuck it, send her off to cum slut school, see if they can teach her to swallow

she swallows!

I got to know Alicia from the local coffee shop. She expressed an interest in modeling and I told her to come on over sometime to model for me. She was a little shy but when I asked her what she came over for she said she wanted to "suck my dick"! Now a guy cant turn down a 20 year old wanting to suck his cock can he? Not only did she suck a mean dick, she swallows!

I blew my load

I shot Alexia a while ago, and seeing that she had some starlet qualities in her, I sent her off to cum slut school. When she came back, well, you can see the difference in her! Now shes bringing me her little friends to play with! Alexia is a naughty little girl now and you will be seeing more of her really soon. Her and Stephanie got freaky on my cock and when I blew my load, they showed their proper manners and shared it between them nicely. Im moving her to the top of my call back list.

She likes to fuck

I have always searched for the slutty girls in life because I know those are the ones that will give up the pussy easily. To hell with having a girlfriend, getting laid is where its at! Alexia totally fits the profile of my target victim. Young dumb, and wants to be pumped full of cum. She likes to fuck and get fucked in any orifice you want to stick it, and loved having my cream blasted all over her face so she could hungrily lick it off.

awesome natural tits

Alex was a gorgeous little rich girl from Vail, who was being a very bad girl in Las Vegas. Kind of a daddys girl, and after this encounter you should ask her who her REAL daddy is. She was kind of shy being it her first time on film, but I managed to bring the cute slut out of her. She had these sexy eyes, a cute face, awesome natural tits, and a hot stripe pussy! I gave daddys girl a good fuck and ended with a nice creamy facial!

fight over your cock

Okay, I have seen my cock disappear into many a set of hooters, but this time, it was just ridiculous! 36-FFs!!! All natural! Guys, we have all seen titties like this walking around all locked away in some bra, but to actually play with them, pick them up, wrap them around your head like ear muffs, I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome here! The next time you get to Vegas, you need to see these girls in Pahrump and let them fight over your cock! Im not even joking

sweet cum swallow

Adrienne is from Canada and was down in America for a few weeks to get all the sweet cum she could swallow down. Apparently there was a shortage of Maple Syrup where she is from because she tapped my cock and drained my balls of all my tasty sap